Fusion-io is pleased to announce that all ioDrive products using the new Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) Software release 3.2.2 have been Certified for Windows Server 2012 by the Microsoft Hardware Certification Team.


This certification signifies that all ioDrive products meet Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices when used with the Windows Server 2012 operating system, and are fully supported in Hyper-V environments.


The Fusion-io VSL, which utilizes a Software Defined Storage architecture, is part of the Fusion ioMemory platform which accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives.


ioDrive products using the VSL Software release 3.2.2 have also been tested and certified for earlier Windows releases, including:

  • Certified for Windows 2008 R2 SP1
  • Certified for Windows 2008 SP2
  • Compatible with Windows 7

Bron: http://www.fusionio.com/blog/microsoft-certified-iomemory/